Volumetric Capture


Turning Reality Into A 3D
Virtual Space

TrueXR Studios is the first purpose-built high-fidelity full-body volumetric capture studio in Malaysia. With over 32 high-fidelity cameras, we are able to accurately capture the movement of dynamic objects in high quality, resulting in clear and realistic final outcomes.

But what is volumetric video? Imagine multiple cameras filmed yourself to capture every moment, expression, and detail in studio you are in. And after certain process, you will receive a 3D digital video of yourself. The 3D video can be transferred to the web, mobile, or virtual world to be viewed.

Volumetric video has endless opportunities in industries nowadays. How cool would it be, by having a private concert with your favourite singer in your living room? Or going to a museum with your own personal guide giving you a live tour. This could capture people interest and their awareness of history in a more interactive and playful way.

A Variety Of

Volumetric capture is a new way of capturing human performances and generating a really life-like 3-dimensional digital avatar of the human performer. It involved multiple synchronized video camera surrounding the human performer from all angles at once. This than get process into a free-viewpoint 3-dimensional video or volumetric video.

So, where we will be seeing this? How cool would it be, if you are standing right next to your all-time favourite artist and do a duet together at your own living room. Or can see a 360 instant replay of your favourite basketball player. Or taking a 3D photo/video with your loved one to immerse with your moment.