Volumetric Capture

Steps Into the Future:

From Reality to Hologram with Volumetric Video

Imagine stepping into a world where you can walk around your favorite band as if they’re performing live in front of you, explore historical artifacts in stunning detail at your own pace, or even interact with a hyper-realistic hologram in a virtual environment. This might sound like science fiction, but with volumetric video, it’s rapidly becoming reality.

Volumetric video is a groundbreaking technology that captures an object or person in full 3D, not just as a flat image. Reminiscent of the Star Wars hologram from R2-D2, this technology uses an array of high-resolution cameras to create a digital avatar so lifelike, it feels almost tangible.

At TrueXR, we’re at the forefront of volumetric video, utilizing this innovative technology to bring your visions to life. Here’s how it unfolds:

Capturing the Magic:

TrueXR studio in Malaysia boasts an array of high-fidelity specialized cameras, strategically arranged to capture every angle of a person, object, or scene. These cameras work in unison, generating a vast amount of data. This data is the foundational raw material used to sculpt your digital masterpiece.

From Data to Dimension:

We transform the captured data into a detailed, high-fidelity 3D model with intricate textures, realistic lighting, and subtle movements. This carefully crafted model becomes your virtual replica, ready to be integrated into extended reality or any digital environment.

Beyond the Screen:

Volumetric video is more than just a tool for creating striking visuals. It opens up a universe of possibilities, offering unparalleled benefits:

  • Immersive Experiences – Step onto a virtual stage with your favorite musicians or explore natural wonders alongside notable historical figures. Volumetric video makes these incredibly realistic experiences possible.
  •  Revolutionary Training – From practicing surgical procedures in a lifelike operating room to mastering automotive repairs in a simulated workshop, volumetric video is transforming training, providing hands-on learning in safe, controlled environments.
  •  Unleashing Creativity – The constraints of traditional filmmaking fade away with volumetric video. Create groundbreaking visual effects, develop interactive video game characters, or resurrect historical figures – the possibilities are limitless.