Real World Experiences

Augmented reality can overlay rich content in the real world through an app on a mobile device. True-XR can transform any image, object, or location into an immersive digital experience with video events, sound, and 3D animation launch.

Augmented reality allows us to experience real-life scenarios that we may never get to experience. In fact, there’s a myriad of ways that augmented reality is currently being used. These examples include Snapchat filters, car park apps and so much more.

Augmented reality development is the future of tomorrow. As one of the world’s leading tech trends, augmented reality will soon be accessible worldwide - this is where True-XR comes into play. We aim to prepare you for the next phase of the technological revolution.

Any place,

As the next wave of technology innovations vastly approach us, True-XR is here to equip you with all the specialist services that you will need to keep up with the trends. Augmented Reality customised solutions is a system that can be used for product demos & visualisation training, AR culture and heritage, warisan XR, wayfinding, education, business industry 4.0 or just pure entertainment.

Transitioning into this form of reality might be tricky for some. But with True-XR, you’ll be guaranteed to have a smooth transition from traditional technology to this new and improved system. For augmented reality, we provide the following services:

Ar Training & Education
Ar Simulations
Web Based Ar
Ar For E-Commerce