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3D Virtual Reality is fully computer-generated (CGI) content and can take you as far as your imagination goes. 360 VR Video lets people walk around and fully-interact in the virtual environment with complete control.

3D Virtual Reality 4.0 productions are seen in training videos for technical fields like manufacturing and engineering, property launch, business Industry, computer and console games, live-action films.

Despite common belief, 3D Virtual Reality has been around for a long time - dating back to the mid-1950s. As we progressed in time, technological and software developments application have paved the way for technological evolution, both in devices and in specialist interface design.

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From crashing a sports car on the Formula 1 racing track to performing heart surgery, Virtual Reality allows us to cross extremities that would otherwise be unimaginable.

As a completely immersive experience with lifelike visuals and sounds, VR strategy & implementation prepare you for unthinkable situations or let you live out those wild fantasies in safety. At True-XR walkthrough company, we can offer you the best that Virtual Reality has to offer:

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