3D Virtual Reality

3D Virtual Reality is fully computer-generated (CGI) content and can take you as far as your imagination goes. 3D VR lets people walk around and fully-interact in the virtual environment with complete control.

3D Virtual Reality productions are seen in training videos for technical fields like manufacturing and engineering, computer and console games, and live-action films.

Case Studies

Carbon: The Building Blocks of Life in VR

We were commissioned by MESTECC to produce this VR 3D film about the consumption of fossil fuels. It was built in 3D Stereoscopic and used 3D low poly illustration and animation. Featured at the 2019 International Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival, it was given the Best Public Service Announcement award. Festival visitors watched it using Samsung Gear VR (3DoF), Oculus Go, and on PCs with HTC Vive (6DoF).

VR Strategy, Implementation & Experience Design

A customer always remembers a VR or 360° experience. There is nothing more effective for brand engagement. The VR consumer base is skyrocketing. More people are using the technology, and more people are realizing its incredible value to win over customers. Few players in the industry mean that every VR experience carries huge weight. After discussing your brand engagement objectives first, we will quickly identify your business’s best opportunities for VR and 360°. There is nothing stopping you from being a pioneer into the virtual world. VR experiences are the ultimate in immersive brand engagement and you can take advantage of the times to stand out from any competitor.

VR experiences are the new solution for creating immersive and captivating brand experiences. Whether you want a unique VR experience to showcase your products or services, or want to create a magical virtual world for audiences to explore and get immersed in, VR is the way to go. The entire process is more manageable than you think. From concept development to virtual world creation (3D, 360 video or interactive 360) and deployment, TrueXR makes creating your brand’s immersive VR experience painless.