Drive Digital Transformation with Extended Reality or XR

Extended Reality or XR is the full spectrum of immersive technology experiences that merges data, digital interaction, and storytelling. It is disrupting how workforces across the world connect, engage, and collaborate. With emerging applications for XR, businesses are now using XR to enhance and transform their value chain with limitless possibilities.

Powerful Immersive Technologies Combined

Augmented Reality
Through a device, Augmented Reality supplements or enhances our view of the real world with added audio, video, text, or graphic elements.
Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality is more immersive than AR, using devices to replace the real world with a digital environment that can engage the senses.
Mixed Reality
Mixed Reality is a hybrid of both AR and VR, enhancing the real world with a digital environment that can be engaged in real-time.
Extended Reality
Extended Reality is the new umbrella term for AR, VR, and MR that uses all three technologies at the same time for real-world business applications.

XR Digital Transformation Cases


In field maintenance of manufacturing equipment, XR feeds diagnostic data in real time and to allow technicians to make updates remotely. This enhances operational speed, accuracy, and human safety.


In highly-complex surgeries, XR is being used by surgeons to get an enhanced data-driven view of their patient’s vital statistics instantly and to operate surgical tools with greater precision and safety.


In the design of the most advanced new-age buildings and landscapes, XR allows designers and architects to collaborate and make data-driven decisions and to see the results instantly.


During fire disasters, pilots are now using XR to fly and operate fire-fighting drones to correctly assess situations in real time and to deliver fire-retardant payloads with pin-point accuracy.


Campuses of the future, especially in technical fields and dangerous applications, are adopting XR to train students with immersive learning under safe conditions.

Business Benefits of XR

Enhance Assets

Increase Accuracy

Better Decisions

Safer Operations

Escalate ROI

Boost Efficiency

Raise Productivity