Advanced Technology Meets Cultural Exploration

WarisanXR offers an Augmented Reality experience designed to transport users to the heart of Malaysia’s rich cultural heritage.

“Discover cultural herritage through holograms, lifelike 3D animations projected through Augmented Reality (AR).”

Experience cultural herritage with unparalleled realism

We utilize 3D visualization, cutting-edge volumetric video technology, and an advanced AR system to enhance visitor engagement at heritage sites in Malaysia.

This approach provides a uniquely engaging way to learn about Malaysia’s diverse history and to preserve its rich stories and traditions for future generations.

“WarisanXR is a unique way for users to learn and enjoy cultural experiences at various heritage sites in Malaysia.”

Interactive Storytelling – Bringing History to Life
WarisanXR revolutionizes the way we learn history, transforming it into an immersive educational journey. Imagine walking alongside historical figures, listening to their stories, and seeing the world from their perspectives. 

At TrueXR Studios, we have the capability to capture the essence of Malaysian cultural heritage and present it through extended reality.