Virtual Tours

Virtual tours (web-based) are an increasingly-popular way of immersing viewers in business locations. It offers unprecedented access with rich descriptions of everything in the virtual world. TrueXR’s virtual tour solution is a fast and affordable way to show off your premises.

Virtual tours are being used for both indoor and outdoor locations such as hotels, retail outlets, industrial areas, offices, whole cities, university campuses, and real estate.

Interactive 360° Virtual Tour

Nothing can compete with an immersive 360 virtual tour. It is an intense sensory experience that has your brand at its centre. Want to showcase luxury properties to prospective homeowners, or provide a tour of engineering facilities? In both cases, an interactive 360 virtual tour helps understand customer reactions, desires, and preferences. Also, use it to test retail environments and see customer reactions to new brand assets. Virtual Reality presents limitless possibilities for your brand’s different environments. If you can imagine it, it can be done.

Case Studies

Langkawi Hidden Treasures Interactive Virtual Tour

The Langkawi Hidden Treasures interactive walkthrough was an opportunity to create engaging informative and educational content. It took them through the geological sites of Langkawi and offered them the chance to explore nature, tourist attractions, and historical places on an interactive map. The walkthrough even enabled viewers to learn about the UNESCO Global Geopark sites.