Interactive 360VR Productions

TrueXR specializes in immersive sensory engagement with 360VR content production. We use omnidirectional Hi resolution up to 11K VR cameras to capture scenes in every direction to produce monoscopic 2D or stereoscopic 3D videos that offer viewers control of the experience with 3Dof headgear.

360VR videos are perfect for “bringing audience to the location”for example promoting venues and travel destinations, recording live events, interactive news content and documentaries.

Case Studies

UNESCO Global Geopark in 8K VR

First in South East Asia

The Langkawi UNESCO in VR 8K is the ideal showcase of pushing VR to the limits of its performance and a demonstration of what is possible with TM’s 5G. This VR tourism content set the bar for not only how tourism is promoted in the future, but also the expectations for viewers of how 5G will impact their lives. This was the first 8K UNESCO VR content in Malaysia and in the region.