Augmented Reality enhances the real world with digital content. Most digital platforms advertise and promote your company. Only AR lets customers experience what you do for themselves. It fascinates customers and creates and unrivalled connection between your brand and them.

AR Apps & Experiences

With AR you do not have to wait for the right timing. The days of waiting for sales representatives to be available, or properties to free up are long gone. With AR you can now transform any image, object, or location into an immersive digital experience. Your audience will have be able to view it instantly from their mobile device.

AR Advertising

Captivate audiences and take them beyond reality with AR advertising. Use AR to hold your audience’s attention as you link them from and ad to your point of sale. You will stand out from the competition and connect with your customers no matter where they are.

Product Demos & Visualisation

Imagine if your customers could see your product in their hands before they bought it. Product visualization helps customers trust you and know how they could apply the product to their lives. TrueXR will work with you to find the best way to bring your product to life in your audience’s hands.

Augmented Reality Events

Need to transform your brand image and the way your brand is perceived? AR can bring everything from your product to your exhibition stand to life. It engages your audience and gives them an experience unlike anything they have had before. AR powered events combine online marketing with in-person sales. You can use the best of both worlds to win over customers and market your product.